Our Vision

Metsi A Morula is a proudly South African Company with an aim to make earnings, however, we are not entirely about money but are driven by passion and the undying desire to be the best. We are about profiting from our business relationships by always giving the best services, products and pleasant food. We always strive to ensure the success of every event and ultimately keeping our clients and customers happy and satisfied.

Our Mission

To provide spectacular high-class professional catering services and to create supreme cuisine, creative presentations from the initial planning to the final execution of your event with a sense of warmth, friendliness and passion. We pride ourselves in providing the best, healthiest and fresh ingredients for our meals. We aim to have our own products, starting off with our famous, delicious and flavourful Chilli concoction named Vrrrpha in all nine provinces within South Africa and across the border in the nearest future.

Our Chilli

Vrrrpha is made with fresh Serrano chilli mixed with vegetables. Nothing can flavour your food as best as this concoction.

 It is best served as a dipping sauce, marinate, for drizzling on any meal and for cooking to give your dish that distinct, delicious, flavourful Vrrrpha taste of a lifetime.

Out & About

Vrrrpha now available in store

Thank you Gifts

Do you have an occasion where you would like to send off your guests with something to enjoy or treasure? Well speak to us, let us put together an ideal gift pack suitable for your occasions and your guests. Tell us your requirements, we are eager to meet your needs and create memorable gifts for you.

Our Menu

The best way to experience our  collection of dishes is to visit us. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing to satisfy your palate.


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236 Sekelgras Street,Westview Pretoria, 0158. 0341 Tel : 079 6371 028 / 076 3928      Email :  

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